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S a f e t y

The safety of the public and the security of the families in our communities are my priority.

I am a problem solver with a "hands on" work ethic, focused on a bright future for Colorado. 

Health Care

Almost 80% of you voted against a single-payer health care program for Colorado. I

will not vote for laws that the overwhelming majority of Coloradans oppose. If solutions arise that honor the spirit of your votes, I will vote for those bills.


Coal, oil, and natural gas are finite resources, that’s the reality, that’s the truth. Not climate fear, emotion, or the politics of a dominant legislative party that cannot be relied on to actually lead for the good, or safety, of the people of Colorado. Any action plan from the State Capital should have truth as the message.

I will vote to support any industry that will use, or teach to use, the latest technology to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and conservation in producing unsubsidized, safe, reliable, affordable power, to Colorado.


I was taught by the Denver Public School system, but not brought up, or raised by the Denver Public School System. Teachers were expected to teach students the skills necessary to succeed in the world, and parents were responsible for their children’s nurturing at home, according to each family's unique background, heritage, and religion.

I will not support political or social agendas that seeks to disrupt and force their ideals into our schools.


I retired from the Denver Fire Department in 2018. I’ve seen all manner of injury and illness during my 34 years as a firefighter, and their effects on the people and communities I served to protect.

In the early 1980s I worked at a firehouse in the Capitol Hill area. That neighborhood became the epicenter of a virus that killed everyone who contracted it, regardless of the best medical care. No one knew what it was, where it came from, how it was transmitted, or even what to call it. Medical science slowly pieced together what would become known as HIV. It took months before reliable information was available on the method of transmission, person-to-person.

There was great concern and some panic that could have gotten out of control, especially when the virus was found in our transfusable blood supply. Our government didn’t lock anyone down for their own protection, even though the virus killed 10 out of 10. The media didn’t prey on fear, and did not target any particular group. Instead we received mature, consistent and trustworthy information, meant to educate everyone.

With that type of guidance, people made up their own minds on how to best protect their families and conduct their lives. Much different than we are experiencing with COVID-19.

Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

For almost three decades, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) has been a guardian of the taxpayer in Colorado by keeping politicians out of our wallets. TABOR has the power of our constitution behind it and it simply says politicians are allowed to raise taxes, but they must ask us the citizens of Colorado for permission first, via a vote. TABOR provides a way for us to decide how our hard earned money will be spent.

I will always support the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

Colorado Voter Nullification

With the passage of the National Popular Vote, our legislators decided the people of Colorado cannot be trusted to cast the correct votes in electing a president of the United States. Their message is clear. They are wary of a Colorado voter who may not conform to their ideals. It troubles them that we understand that there is a system already in place, the Electoral College, that protects the way we elect our president from an overbearing majority.

I see the value of keeping a standard that offers protection from force, and I’ll vote to keep it that way. I don’t plan to try to lead by rigging a system toward my interests, and am grown up enough to understand that, no, you can’t win them all.

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